Mycoplasma detection service

The Rnomics Platform provides a complete mycoplasma detection service. Dubbed "the cancer of cells", mycoplasma is the most harmful and widespread contaminant that can affect from 15 to 35% of cell cultures. Indeed, mycoplasma alters cell growth, morphology, and some metabolic functions. These attacks often lead to cell death.

It is thus obvious that mycoplasma contamination is affecting related experimental results reliability and reproducibility. It becomes essential to be able to detect mycoplasma presence in any fundamental research. Furthermore, when receiving manuscrit submission, scientific publications are increasingly requiring mycoplasma contamination control of the study`s cell lines. However, mycoplasma are difficult or even impossible to detect by microscope, without using marker.

Aiming to fulfill this need, the Rnomics Platform has developed a fast, sensitive, and efficient mycoplasma detection test, based on real-time qPCR coupled to capillary electrophoresis. This test is provided to the scientific university and external community. Both tariff and accessibility are eased for Université de Sherbrooke members.

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  • For academics external to Canada or industrials, please contact us for an accurate quote.
  • Prices subject to change.