Bioinformatics services

Since 2007, the Rnomics Platform provides bioinformatics services to Sherbrooke University community and to canadian and external academics. We can assist you in the analysis of your sequencing data and the production of publication quality figures. We also offer a robust and exhaustive PCR primer design service. Hourly rate and accessibility are eased for members of the Sherbrooke University community.

Sequencing data analysis

We offer a extensive panel of pipelines and workflows, addressing several fields of applications. We are always available to discuss about what would be the best way to adapt a workflow to your project, and help you understand each step toward the final results. Here are some applications:

Variant calling and annotation
Metagenomics characterization by 16S or whole genome
Bacterial genome and virome reconstruction
Gene and isoform expression analysis
Alternative splicing analysis

PCR primer design

We have a robust and scalable PCR primer design service for any target or species. We can target at the gene or isoform level. Available applications:

Gene or isoform expression by qPCR or ddPCR
Alternative splicing event detection and quantification by end-point PCR
Bacterial or viral strain detection


We are always open to develop new bioinformatics applications tailored to fit in your research project. We can adapt existing bioinformatics tools, or develop new software to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Hourly rates CAD$
USherbrooke Can academic Ext academic Industrial
55 70 80 95
  • Rates subject to change.