The qRT-PCR service is a complete gene expression assay workflow from target selection, primer design and validation, to qRT-PCR run, and relative expression analysis.

  • Quantitative RT-PCR using SYBRgreen fluorescence technology.
  • Bio-Rad CFX RealTime System: 384-plate (three units) and 96-plate (one unit).
  • Primer validation using standard curve and target specificity verification by capillary electrophoresis.
  • 5000 reactions daily throughput.
  • Growing database of pre-validated primers (see here).


  • Gene expression using qBase and Genorm methods (Hellemans 2007; Vandesompele 2002). Expression targets include: Global, isoform-specific, sequence-specific or non-coding RNA.
  • miRNA expression using stem-loop method (Chen 2005)
  • Telomere and TREC DNA quantification using Dion et al. method